Attempting to draw in the style of Arnold Roth for this weeks twoface

Wacky one today, folks…


I am pleased to release the list of artists, writers and creators who will be coming together to form the Then It Was Dark contributors. There were many, many talented contributors who applied, and I’m very proud of the group that’s assembled.

Alo Sophia Lenk
Andrew Pungot
Andrew R. Lytle

This is gonna be gooooood

Two Twofaces for this tuesday! Also, please pretend I have some great April fools prank. 

Here’s some portrait designs for the cast of the Muybridge comic I’m working on with Chaz Moneypenny.

Something about Twoface on a Tuesday

Happy twoface Tuesday, everyone! May your day be filled with duality!

Behold! some sorta digitally painted underground kingdom-y place of some kind!